Heartland LTC helps you keep your focus on your business, while we help with all of your LTC back-office needs.  Whether it be case design, illustration support, or point-of-sale assistance, Heartland LTC is with you every step of the way.

Licensing & Continuing Education

Right from the start, Heartland LTC can assist you in getting properly licensed to sell Long-term Care solutions.  We'll put you in touch with your local insurance department to make sure your license is in order.  And we'll track your state's LTC Continuing Education (CE) requirements.


Presale Support

From initial case design and product comparisons to marketing materials and detailed client illustrations, Heartland LTC is here to help.  With literally hundreds of marketing pieces available from a variety of carriers... in both electronic and printed form... we're able to supply you with the right materials to sell the concept of a Long-term care solution to your clients.  Looking for more detail with a specific client's needs?  We're more than happy to submit the preliminary client information you've collected to our wide range of carriers and see what options are available and at what premiums.  Then we can provide you with a full illustration describing in detail the policy benefits and premium requirements to your clients.


Applications & Underwriting

Next, Heartland can assemble the necessary forms and application packet needed to submit the case to the chosen carrier.  Afterwards, Heartland will constantly monitor the case's progress, advising you of any underwriting requirements you may need to obtain or medical exams the client needs to complete.

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