Heartland LTC understands that LTC solutions are a necessary component of financial and retirement planning.  To that end, we offer a wide array of products to meet your clients' goals.  Take a look at the categories below to see what solutions are available through Heartland LTC...


LTCi (Long-Term Care Insurance)

These stand-alone private insurance policies provide financial assistance to pay for long-term care services such as a nursing home stay or an in-home skilled assistant.  LTCi covers much more than what Medicare or Medicaid cover.


Linked Benefit Products

Linked-benefit as two products "linked together" to create a single solution.  Linked Benefit products most often incorporate a life insurance policy with a long-term care agreement or policy rider (option) that converts some or all of the policy's death benefit into reimbursement payments for long-term care needs.


Hybrid Products

Similar in concept to Linked-Benefit products, Hybrid products combine either a life or annuity product with a long-term care product.  Unlike Linked Benefit products, Hybrids are completely integrated from the start and are unique products in their own right and cannot be sold as a separate life/annuity product.  Consequently, the benefit structure is much different, usually providing for a smaller death benefit and a separate long-term care benefit pool that is tapped only after the death benefit is exhausted.


Critical Illness Products

These products are relatively new to the North American market.  Originally, they were conceived by a doctor, not an actuary.  Dr. Marius Barnard helped pioneer Critical Illness insurance.  He was a cardiac surgeon who helped pioneer the first heart transplant.  He witnessed the new ground breaking health procedures save the lives of countless patients who had suffered critical illnesses, but saw those same lives devasted by the financial impact.  Critical Illness insurance is designed to help people afford to survive... and recover.  Offering a financial benefit "on diagnosis" of a critical illness, these products make great companion policies to other long-term care insurance... covering the elimination period, the time between diagnosis and when payments from an LTC policy begin.

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