Our Founder

Robert Boyajian, LLIF
President and CEO
Heartland LTC

Bob Boyajian entered the insurance industry as an agent for Combined Insurance Company of America.  He progressed through numerous positions of sales and management to become Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing and a member of the Operating Committee.  In the 35 years he was with Combined, he participated in the company’s growth to becoming the international financial giant it is today.

He served on the boards of Combined Insurance Company of America, Ryan Insurance, Combined Life of New York, Combined American Insurance Company, Combined Insurance Company of Wisconsin, American Pre-School Centers, Inc. and Virginia Capital Bank.

In 1992, he co-founded The Heartland Marketing Group, a firm dedicated to providing professional insurance producers with marketing support and quality health products. 

While at Combined, Bob supervised the development and marketing of nursing home insurance products when the concept was still in its infancy.  Today, Heartland LTC provides quality Long-Term Care products to independent producers so that they can better serve their clients’ needs.

Bob has spoken to numerous groups regarding LTC insurance including the Governor’s Council on Aging and has personally been involved in LTC sales.  He believes that millions of Americans are seeing their dreams of financial independence destroyed by the high cost of nursing home and other long-term care expenses.  Sound planning can transfer the risk of a catastrophic financial occurrence to an insurance company for the predictability of an affordable premium and avoid this financial tragedy.

He was in the first group of industry executives to receive the LLIF (LIMRA Leadership Institute Fellow) professional designation.  Bob has been the Legislative Chairman and Board Member for the Greater Phoenix Association of Health Underwriters.  He served on the Board of The Arizona Heart Foundation and was appointed by the Arizona Director of Insurance to serve on the Arizona Small Employer Reinsurance Board.  He is presently an officer, on the Executive Committee and a director on the Board of the National LTC Network.

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